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Our precision sheet metal forming capabilities are at the forefront of our industry.

        Our cutting-edge machines are equipped with a 9-axis back gauge, ensuring exceptional accuracy and repeatability down to the micron level. The use of ball screw movement on both the ram and back gauge further enhances precision during the forming process.


               At the heart of our capabilities is the Mitsubishi BH25040, our largest machine boasting an impressive 250 metric tons of force and a spacious 4-meter bed. With dynamic crowning, this machine is capable of producing complex and high-quality formed parts.


               For smaller-scale projects, we rely on our Mitsubishi BB4013, featuring 40 metric tons of force and a 1.3-meter bed.


              To support our advanced machinery, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of state-of-the-art tooling, which undergoes regular dynamic audits to ensure quality control and accurate cycle count.


              With our precision sheetmetal forming capabilities, we are well-equipped to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

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